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Our registered psychologists are Brenton Harris and Jessica Decker, who have been working in partnership, in various forms, since 2008. We each possess over ten years experience in the field of psychological counselling and mental health and wellbeing.

Each of us have our areas of experience and fields of passion. In our practice, regardless of your life situation, our aim is to meet your needs. We have a client-focused, no wrong door policy and will ensure that whatever is going on for you, you will receive the support best suited to you.


Meet our team of experienced psychologists

With a varied practice history and a wide range of skills
Brenton Harris

Brenton Harris

Registered Psychologist

Brenton has worked as a psychologist for the past fifteen years, beginning his career at Queensland Health as a case manager for people experiencing bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and long term depression and anxiety. During this time he developed a deep understanding of mental illness, and the importance of a diverse supportive network in creating mental health, ranging from the individual to the broader community.

Brenton spent the next six years working in a government-funded organisation with individuals, couples, and adolescents in improving relationships. He went about this by addressing the associated (and often unidentified) anxiety and depression stemming from difficulties in these areas.

With a major focus in couples work, an important realisation for his practice was that the major difference between couples who are doing well and those who are struggling is the sense of teamwork and co-operation in the relationship. Couples who struggled more tended to view the relationship as adversarial, and consequently focused foremost on meeting their own needs.

During this time Brenton also had the opportunity to move sideways in his practice to work with men who had experienced sexual abuse and sexual assault. Following these experiences he acted as principal psychologist in his own practice of a branch of a nation-wide private practices, before moving on to principal psychologist of Narthanya Psychology.

His current areas of interest include mental health, relationship work, processing trauma, anger, and alcohol and other drug counselling.

Brenton studies Aikido: The art of compassion. And when not in the Dojo or in the office you will most likely find him in the garden trying to make it grow!

Jessica Decker

Jessica Decker

Registered Psychologist

Jess places an emphasis on being genuine and open, down to earth and approachable. For the past fourteen years Jess has worked as a psychologist in both the public and private sector with adults, young people, children and families experiencing family conflict, past and current trauma, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, among other things.

Other roles, training and experience include relationship enhancement, parenting, domestic violence, suicide prevention, sexual assault (of all genders), gender and sexuality, addiction (alcohol and other drugs), and childhood abuse. She has worked in organisations focusing on homelessness, substance use, domestic violence, sexual victimisation, cancer, and child protection.

In the first session Jess will want to focus on getting to know you (and vice versa), connecting and getting comfortable with each other, hearing the background to your issues, then working with you to set some achievable goals for counselling. Jess uses an integrative, client-centred approach to psychotherapy suited to the individual, often with a focus on empowerment, strengths-building and improving relationships.

Jess draws primarily from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), trauma informed, Strengths based, Narrative and Solution-focused psychotherapies. Jess is skilled in symbolic, play, sand tray and art therapies for children, young people, and creative people. She has a strong background in assessment and report writing and is happy to do these where needed.

Please note that Jess' hair style is subject to significant frequent changes at no notice.

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What we can do for you and your loved ones
Individual counselling

Come in to talk to a counsellor one-on-one about any issue in your life. Individual counselling is available for people of all ages and in regards to any issue, whether it be serious mental illness, a life change, or a decision you need to make. No issue is too small.

Couples counselling

Couples counselling, or marriage counselling, is one of our strong areas of experience. For any issue in a relationship, having a trained, non-judgmental third party in the room can help sort out differences. From communication problems to infidelity to potential separation - we're here to help.

Children's counselling

Bringing your child to counselling can be difficult for both of you. Your child can be assured that our children's counselling is confidential, directed by them, and is usually pretty fun! We use play and art therapies to help your kids cope with whatever may be going on in their lives.

Family counselling

Family relationships, while they bring us our closest connections, can often cause significant stress. Parent-child, sibling, extended family, in-laws, separated family or step-family issues can cause deep and lasting rifts. We're skilled in facilitating communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, mediating and negotiation in these areas.

Psychological assessments

Psychological assessment and evaluation is one of our services. We can assist you to find answers to difficulties that you, your loved one, or your child may be experiencing. With vast experience in the administration of several formal tests, and in writing psychological reports and providing recommendations and expert testimony, we're confident we can help.

Online counselling

If you are unable to come in to the office we are happy to offer various forms of telehealth based support. Psychology sessions can be held over our secure text-based live chat room, voice and video chat, or by email conversations. We can offer online counselling to people anywhere in Australia and even Internationally.