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We are here to talk
You are not alone

Narthanya Psychology: The home of your local psychologist North Brisbane. Whether you’re facing speedbumps or mountains, we’re here to walk with you.

We are here to talk
You are not alone

Narthanya Psychology: The home of your local psychologist North Brisbane. Whether you’re facing speedbumps or mountains, we’re here to walk with you.

We are here to talk
You are not alone

Your Psychologist Chermside West

Flexible psychology for individuals, couples & families

Narthanya Psychologists Chermside West

Narthanya Psychology

Independent Psychologists, North Brisbane

Every one of us is working towards a content and comfortable quality of life, both for ourselves and for our loved ones. The thing is though, at one point or another we are all presented with challenging circumstances that can set us back, and have a negative impact on our wellbeing and mental health.

This is simply a part of life, and we can guarantee that it happens to everyone. Whether the circumstances are internal or external, it is nothing to blame yourself for. It is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about seeking advice and support for.

Narthanya Psychology Chermside West provides a safe and comforting space for all individuals, couples, young people, and family members of all ages. Our aim is to walk beside you as, together, we reflect on your struggles. We will clarify what the real issues are, learn new skills, and identify and practise strategies and solutions to effectively navigate through life’s challenges.

How can we help?

We are a partnership of registered psychologists who are extensively trained and have a long history of demonstrated knowledge and skill in responding to a broad range of issues. In our experience there is no problem that is so big that talking to someone won’t be helpful. There is no problem so small that seeking help seems silly. We know that everyone’s experience is relative, just as it is unique. Sometimes the simple act of exploring your experience with a person outside of it can allow you to gain perspective and find solutions. This is true whether the problem be debilitating mental health issues, or difficulty making a decision.

Please know that support, advice and assistance are available to anyone. Some of the issues we can help with include the list to the right (or here if you’re on mobile). Left unattended, these kinds of struggles can lead to long term problems for your health, functioning, and relationships. We acknowledge it can be really difficult and anxiety-provoking to reach out for support. Without a doubt the hardest step is making the call to book in that first appointment. It can help to acknowledge that you’ve lived with this for a while, and you deserve resolution. It might also be useful to acknowledge that you are here right now, reading this. That’s a sign you are ready to work towards change. This is a moment of significant progress in your journey back to a happier and healthier you.

If you’re struggling, please know you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

Our interest areas

Issues we're experienced with

Meet our Experienced Team of Psychologists

Our friendly and professional registered psychologists Chermside West

Brenton Harris: Registered psychologist
Brenton Harris
Registered Psychologist

Brenton is a psychologist with a long history in the areas of severe mental health issues, relationship and couple’s counselling, complex trauma, and sexual abuse. After working in both government and non-profit organisations he moved on to be principal psychologist of his own private practice. Brenton uses an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) directed approach, aiming to change your relationship with your difficulties and decrease the effect of them on your wellbeing.

Jessica Decker: Registered psychologist
Jessica Decker
Registered Psychologist

Jess has been working in various psychological and supportive roles for over fifteen years. She’s focused on anxiety; depression; anger; family and children’s counselling; recent and historical abuse; PTSD and complex trauma; sexual abuse and assault; psychological assessment; self harm and suicidality. Jess has a naturally down-to-earth and easy-going relationship style, and places high importance on developing therapeutic frameworks and strategies that suit your individual style.

A broad range of experience

With a long history over various public, private and community health services, our psychologists are experienced in many areas.

Rebates and funding

As fully registered psychologists we are able to offer you Medicare rebates, DVA and NDIS funding, and private health cover.

Flexible appointments

We work around your schedule, and offer a wide range of appointment times. We're flexible and work outside business hours.